Why CloudStruct

CloudStruct provides decades of expertise in global scale operations to Cardano through a professionally managed Cardano blockchain staking pool running in the cloud. With our team of experienced open source developers and maintainers designing, automating, and maintaining stake pool infrastructure and decentralized application services, we handle all concerns about scaling, availability, cost reduction, disaster recovery, and much more…

Infrastructure As Code

Infrastructure modeled as code implements best practices, code review, and collaboration across teams while ensuring stability and eliminating surprises.

Open Source Development

Our team works with the community to provide software and services to the Cardano blockchain and keeps up to date with the latest ecosystem developments.

Global Distribution

Our infrastructure is designed for global operations, with public and private relays in multiple clouds to provide low latency access to financial services across the world.

Community Involvement

Cloudstruct is a member of the Cardano Single Pool Alliance, xtra-Small Pool Alliance, and is ISPO partners with COC Coin ($COC) and Freeloaderz ($FLZ) tokens.


Stake Safely

Stake Securely

Freedom and Flexibility - No contracts or lock-in

Using Open Source Software wherever possible

You're in control - Your coins stay in your wallet

Professional staff and monitored infrastructure