Why CloudStruct

CloudStruct provides your team the freedom to focus on your product and not on the uptime of your servers. With our team of DevOps experts designing, automating, and maintaining your infrastructure we’ll handle all concerns about scaling, availability, cost reduction, disaster recovery, and much more…

Infrastructure As Code

Infrastructure modeled as code implements best practices, code review, and collaboration across teams while ensuring stability and eliminating surprises.

DevOps As-A-Service Platform

Effective scaling is critical and challenging. Our DevOps leaders make the process as easy and streamlined as possible while communicating every step of the way.

Virtual DevOps Teams

Our DevOps members integrate into your workflow from planning and design to implementation so you can focus on the more important things.

Automated Management

Cloudstruct uses open source technologies such as Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, and your choice of linux flavor for seamless deployments and continuous delivery.


Save Time

Save Money

Freedom and Flexibility - No contracts or lock-in

Using Open Source Software wherever possible

You're in Control. You own the code, all of it.

Next level insight through detailed metrics and analysis

Free Consultation

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Get back to focusing on your vision and leave the infrastructure to us.

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