CloudStruct was formed with a singular purpose in mind, to advance cloud infrastructure standards in design, deployment, and maintainance.

Our Vision

CloudStruct was formed with a singular purpose in mind, to advance the standards by which cloud and on-premise infrastructure are designed, deployed, and maintained. We leverage our team’s deep experience to build highly available, repeatable and scalable systems unique to your application and requirements. Our main goal is to ensure that we remove any distractions from your developers, greatly reducing your time to market and saving you the money and overhead of managing a devops team.

CloudStruct Context

We started CloudStruct after working for over 30 years combined on a variety of large scale SaaS infrastructures. Combining the lessons learned with modern methodology we believed we could provide unparalleled managed infrastructure solutions. With most companies turning to cloud providers like Amazon to manage the hardware end of infrastructure, CloudStruct offers to match that experience for the infrastructure software. We provide a DevOps as a Service model that enables your company to free up time to focus on your product. CloudStruct has a proven method for developing custom fit infrastructure as code, this means automated building and scaling of cloud infrastructure, containerizing applications, enabling continuous integration, testing, and deployment pipelines, and metrics gathering/analysis for an evidence based approach to designing for your growth.


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