CloudStruct was formed with a singular purpose in mind, to advance cloud infrastructure standards in design, deployment, and maintainance.

Our Vision

CloudStruct was formed with a singular purpose in mind, to advance the standards by which cloud and on-premise infrastructure are designed, deployed, and maintained. We leverage our team’s deep experience in global scale operations to build highly available, repeatable, and scalable systems unique to the Cardano blockchain. Our main goal is to ensure that we build high quality software and services for the Cardano ecosystem, reducing time to market and reliability through open source software and a Cardano staking pool.

CloudStruct Context

We started CloudStruct after working for over 50 years combined on a variety of large scale global infrastructures, from Box to Yahoo to Oracle. Combining the lessons learned with modern methodology we believed we could provide an unparalleled user experience for Cardano blockchain users. As blockchain adoption continues to grow rapidly, CloudStruct offers to match those lessons and best practices with our personal experience for the web3 world. CloudStruct has a proven method for developing custom fit infrastructure as code, this means automated building and scaling of cloud infrastructure, containerizing applications, enabling continuous integration, testing, and deployment pipelines, and metrics gathering/analysis for an evidence based approach to designing for the future of financial freedom and self reliance. We provide a Cardano staking pool for secure ADA staking from a personal Cardano native wallet and to allow ADA coin holders to support our efforts via stake delegation.


Automated Tests


Metrics Collected


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Our Team

Andrew Gaffney

Andrew brings over 30 years of development experience to CloudStruct. Andrew has been an open source developer on several projects, from Gentoo Linux to Ansible. His multi language programming experience and deep operational expertise with global scale operations shows in his commitment to code. A previous supervisor described his responsibilities as a Principal Systems Engineer as fixing the things he considered broken in the environment. Andrew is a fixer and CloudStruct's lead developer.

Chris Gianelloni

Chris has been involved in open source development and operating 24/7 critical systems for over 20 years. During his tenure as a developer at Gentoo Linux, he served on the Gentoo Council and on the Gentoo Foundation's Board of Trustees, led the Events and Release Engineering teams, and managed the Gentoo Store. Leveraging his experience with open source development and learning from the industry leaders in Silicon Valley, Chris transitioned into specialization on big data and distributed systems.