DevOps Services

Innovation and Expertise

Tailored Operations

We’re in the business of being experts in the most modern infrastructure approaches. We handle environments from simple initial proof of concept builds to extremely large and complex setups. Below you will find a list of our most sought after offerings however if you do not find what you’re looking for please Contact Us as we offer customized packages and services for whatever tech stack you’re looking to implement.

Embedded Engineers

Our team integrates into your existing chat system for seamless integration.

Security Management

Security best practices and integration with your security team on all plans.


Migrating your existing applications to containers helps you grow and scale.

Docker Swarm / Kubernetes

Container management solutions to fit your size, scale, and budget.

Infrastructure As Code

You have total control and ownership over your infrastructure.

Cloud Architecture

Initial build-outs, re-architecting, or hardening are all within our scope.

Reliability & Availability

We design and implement specifications to your requirements.

Continuous Integration

Pipelines for building, testing, and deploying your applications.

High Availability Design

A core part of our framework to ensure smooth operations.

Multiple Environments

Ensure the stability of your platform through changes.

Team Integration

CloudStruct becomes an extension of your team.

Cloud Migrations

Moving into or out of a cloud? We specialize in efficient clean migrations.

Alerts & Notifications

CloudStruct is your first point of response for all issues.

Process Automation

Automation doesn't just stop at CI/CD, we automate your entire infrastructure.

Data Redundancy

Infrastructure protection with redundant disaster recovery.

Configuration Management

Our team is full of Ansible experts who actively contribute to open source code.

Work-flow Management

Integrating into your existing work-flow management or providing our own.

Metrics & Monitoring

24/7 evidence based insight into your platform.