Cardano Staking

Ticker: CSCS
Pool ID: pool1y7cmg3cvsndh3nsll0llw7asdz4mferag09kqzw24g6jx2ce5ws (27b1b4470c84db78ce1ffbfff77bb068abb4e47d43cb6009caaa3523)

What is staking

Cardano is an environmentally friendly proof of stake consensus blockchain. Holders of the Cardano native asset, ADA, may stake their assets from their personal wallet to participate in the network security and earn rewards. The network uses this stake for consensus calculations and network transactions.

Stake Pool Operations

CloudStruct Cardano Staking (CSCS) provides a production grade Cardano staking pool with security hardened cloud relays across the globe. Our pool is dedicated to supporting the decentralization of the Cardano blockchain to help protect online privacy and rights. Pool rewards fund infrastructure and development of open source software for the Cardano ecosystem.

CSCS distributes additional Cardano native tokens via claims on TosiDrop, a token distribution platform.